Enabling Responsible Leadership

Trust Your Potential is now part of Lifetree Ltd. Madelon Evers heads the Swiss branch providing executive / team coaching, mastermind facilitation,  top team development and Lifetree’s Responsible Leadership programmes. We consult worldwide to build a bridge between innovation and leadership, with enhanced focus on responsible business practice.

Nutshell: complexity

Most complex challenges businesses face today can only be solved by sustainable growth and innovation. As a leader you wish to inspire commitment to this and stay internationally competitive as you do. Lifetree’s practical, cutting edge tools engage your people in responsible leadership and sustainable innovation practices.

Roots: responsible leadership

Top managers develop a culture of responsible leadership, making ethical, courageous choices based on a vision of caring for business, society and the planet. Lifetree supports you to lead in this new culture, build resilience and excel in teamwork across the whole system.

Tree of life: whole systems change

To succeed, the whole organisational tree must grow strong. Whole systems interventions ensure higher impact on business outcomes than a few small group / individual coaching sessions. Lifetree facilitates cross-functional performance improvement, helping teams discover the most innovative ways to move forward with resilience in an uncertain world. Our ‘Responsible Leadership’ journeys inspire deep culture change with multi-stakeholder groups, working on real situations in real time.

Thank you

for your confidence in Trust Your Potential since 2008. We look forward to serving your organisation in coming years through Lifetree.

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Telephone Swiss office stays the same: +41218612543

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